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Click on the blue dot to get more information about
both correlation and classification process.
Click on the blue dot to get more information.
Click to get the catalogue description
(Vizier README)
Click on the icon dot to get
all information about the object.
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Simbad entries around the position.
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Download the FITS file
Down EPIC spectra in a ZIP ball
with the spectrum, plots and calibration data
Download a ZIP ball containing:
  2XMM source selection
  Graphical products
(finding charts, thumbnails)
  RGS spectra (if exists)
  EPIC spectra with
    calibration data
  EPIC time series
  Archival counterparts computed by the ACDS
(limited to 100)
Download a FITS table
containing the source selection
(limited to 10000)
Download VOtable
containing the source selection
(limited to 10000)
Load the source selection in Topcat
Load the spectrum in Splat
Display the finding chart of the source
(Plot by the ACDS).
Display a thumbnail mosaic
(by camera/energy).
Display a flatfile.
(text, image, PDF...)
Display metadata
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