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Communications 2006

I06.2 Baty, H., Priest, E., Forbes, T. 2006, On the existence of Petschek reconnection for uniformresistivity, Harry Petschek symposium on magnetic reconnection, 21-23 Mars 2006, University of Maryland (USA) I06.3 Baty, H., 2006 Steady-state reconnection solutions in 2D MHD, Magnetic reconnection theory workshop, August 2006, Firenze (Italie). I06.10 Hameury, J.-M., & Lasota, J.-P. 2006, Accretion-disc radius variations in close binaries, COSPAR Meeting : Spectra and timing of (...)

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Communications 2007

I07.1 Baty, H. 2007, Current driven instabilities in jets, Jetset school and workshop on numerical MHD and instabilities, janvier 2007, Sauze d’Oulx (Italie)

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